Einvite - A smarter personal event planner
The purpose of EINVITE is to facilitate the process of reserving and paying for event gatherings such as business meetings, conferences, seminars, dinners, brunches, live shows, sporting events, etc. For example, if a person wishes to organize a brunch for his or her friends or business colleagues, the standard approach involves calling the restaurant, making reservations for a specific number of people and then calling each friend to verbally confirm his or her presence at the event. A number of people cancel at the last minute which burdens the host of the event since he/she has to alter the reservation. Also, the host is left to leave his credit card as a deposit to ensure a booking and most events, restaurants, clubs have a cancellation policy where the host pays a percentage either for the cancelled table or for the non attending heads. At another level, if no one or only some of the invited people come to the brunch, the organizer will have to cover the total cost of the event. This is standard practice for almost every restaurant in Dubai (especially for brunch events). If everyone comes to the event but each invited person is paying with a different card, then it is very often occasion that purchased items may be charged multiple times.

The growing need to address these issues highlights the key value of EINVITE. With EINVITE, the host is able to select the nature of the event giving him more options to communicate with his peers. The host will also invite his peers online or by e-mail or directly by Einvite users through the interface.

This method of event organization saves time and makes the entire planning process easier due to the following reasons:
1. The organizer has multiple venue choices. He can compare costs, conditions, etc. before making a reservation.
2. The organizer is able to invite his / her friends using the app. The invitees will then accept the invitation and confirm their attendance only by paying their fair share of the booking eliminating all the issues we have seen above. Everybody contributes to the event equally and the host isn’t left with a massive credit card bill.
3. The organizer is able to quickly plan a wide variety of events, depending on the needs and/or tastes of his guests.
4. Einvite also gives the host the possibility to view the seating chart or floor plan depending on the nature of the event and make a special request to be seated at a preferred area. This requests is forwarded to the event management.
5. A start and end time counter will be launched giving users a window of opportunity to either confirm or reject the invitation. This will eliminate the last minute cancellations.

Typical User Scenario:
- A user decides to gather friends on a Sunday brunch
- He launches the EINVITE and browse through the current promotions or standard offerings
- He makes a decision about the venue
- He defines the exact time and using the EINVITE invites his friends to join the newly created event
- A start and end time counter will be launched giving users a window of opportunity to either confirm or reject the invitation.
- Upon the accepting the invitation from the organizer the invited participants are requested to pay their fare share. In the event of the host wanting to pay for all the invitees, there will not be a payment charge for attendance.
- The venue receives the fees in advance (after the end time countdown has ended) and arrange the brunch for the specified number of participants
- All the participants arrive to the venue, enjoy the service and leave home without dealing with any payment issues. Happy host, happy people, happy venue. Einvite works for everyone!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Target Users
  • The target users of the app are essentially all of the people living and working in Dubai. These users may be separated into two secondary target groups: (1) partygoers, food lovers and (2) corporate users.
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