Transform social media virtual currency into prepaid mobile top up
Embee Mobile has created EmbeePay, a Facebook application that allows users to earn Embee Points. The points are earned by using the current monetization schemes (advertising, surveys, crowdsourcing) on Facebook and converts them into prepaid mobile top up credits for over 100 mobile operators in over 30 countries.

The prepaid mobile top up credits can be used to fund a mobile subscribers phone for talk, texting, internet data access as well as mobile content such as ringtones, images, and games.
Android, bada, BlackBerry, BREW, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Java ME, Palm WebOS, Series 40, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone
  • Free version available
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  • mobile, prepaid, Facebook, social media, monetization engine, advertising,
Target Users
  • Any prepaid mobile user where EmbeePay provides coverage. Currently coverage spans, the United States, Latin America, and South East Asia.
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