Shazam for artworks, start recognizing artworks!
Museums have become old, they rely on boring technologies like audio guides (yikes! who wants to listen 2h of recordings when you are only interesed in 5 minutes?) or plain pamphlets with no interest at all.

We, at eMuseum, want to empower and enhance museum experience. And, how are we going to do that?

1) Scan artworks with you mobile's camera and eMuseum will tell its name, author and its most important information.
2) Simple, fast, to the point. I can even speak! Yes, you can listen to the most interesting facts of the artwork you like, and only of that!.
3) Share, share, share! Have you been at a famous museum or seen an amazing artwork? Please share! Let your friends know.

So far eMuseum is able to recognize all images on the MEAM (Museum Europeu d'Art Modern), at Barcelona. However we aim at being able to support much more museums and even street art.

Wouldn't it be amazing being able to recognize street graffitis? Sculptures? Monuments? Everything is possible, there are no limits, welcome to eMuseum era!

*Please note, video is still being recorded, will be submited soon*
  • Free version available
Empower citizens, Art and Culture
  • emuseum, museum, culture, turism, educations, museums, artificial intelligence, neural network
Target Users
  • Our main public is culture aware people who, usually when travelling, like to go to museums. We are also targetting museums as potential users, as we will be able to provide them insight data analysis on their clients.
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