With ENVI4ALL you can check air quality in the way youcheck the weather: anytime, anywhere.
The ENVI4ALL app provides direct access to targeted, localised, and easy-to-understand information on air quality (current, forecast, and historical), making use of diverse sources of large datasets of open data as well as crowdsourced information based on the perception of app users about the current air quality. The app addresses the needs and requirements of individual users, local authorities/ municipalities as well as businesses that wish to enhance their visibility by gaining access to a substantial community of consumers through the in-app advertising space of ENVI4ALL or they want to integrate ENVI4ALL to their application.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Premium - 0,99e/month (Individual users)
  • Premium - 3e/year for each citizens (Municipalities)
  • Premium - 0,5e/download (Business customers)
Urban life, Health, Empower citizens
  • air pollution, air quality, personalised information, air pollution alerts
Target Users
  • ENVI4ALL targets and addresses the needs of the following customer segments: (i)Individual users who are concerned about air pollution and in particular (but not limited to) those who belong to the following end-user segments: susceptible individuals (suf
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