Equalize Math
Equalize Math is a fast-paced number-crunching math race that does the impossible: It makes math FUN.
EQUALIZE is a fast-paced number-crunching math race that is easy to learn and almost impossible to put down. Hold multiple equations in your head as you stack the numbers you don’t need to the side and drop the ones you do need into place to equal the target goal and clear each line. But be careful and think ahead, the target goal can change and the numbers themselves start to speed up.

Beat the clock or beat your friends. Tweet your high scores or post them to Facebook. See how you rank among all players on the EQUALIZE Scoreboard.

An interactive tutorial teaches you how to play. Begin at Level 0 and work your way up to new levels or start from Levels 1 to 9. But watch out! The numbers keep dropping faster with each new level you achieve - even Levels 10 and higher!


• Increase your skill with basic math problems
• Build your comfort with numbers
• Great for students aged 12 and up AND grownups
• Brain training -- keep your brain in shape with math exercise
• Hold multiple equations in your head
• Score points in multiple ways:
-- time taken to clear a row correctly
-- number of rows cleared sequentially
-- number of identical integers in a row – pairs, triples, quadruples or quintuples
-- level reached
-- streak length
• Watch your speed and skill increase in as little as one session
• Track your improvement over time
• No in-app purchases or advertising
• New versions coming soon...


* * * * * "This game is great. I always need to be thinking about what move to make next. It continually challenges me."
--College Student, 25

* * * * * “Equalize is totally fun. I can see myself getting better at math!”
--Middle School Student, 13

* * * * * “This game is fun for my entire family. We keep trying to beat each other’s scores.”
--Homemaker, 32

* * * * * “The more I play the better my math is for handling the random numbers and goals and ever-increasing speeds. This is a great brain-training game.”
--Businessperson, 54


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EQUALIZE is currently optimized for iPad and iPad mini. Requires iOS 6.1 or higher.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Equalize Math 1.0.2 - 1.99
  • Equalize Math - $1.99
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Target Users
  • Ages 12 and older, who want to prove their skill at math, or who want to improve their skill at math.
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