Evoluginos – the online city-platform that connects the citizens, SMEs and the government.
Evoluginos offers a SaaS for cities to run their own smart online platform.

It’s the first digital city platform with an online marketplace for local products and services with an integrated search engine and an innovative social network for the districts.
We provide an easy usable, smart & local data to citizens, SMEs and Government in real time using geolocation technique.

In the city, where are the best local products, services and events? What are the burning needs and best ideas of the local businesses? What are the latest innovation, ideas or concerns of the citizens or local businesses?

A media for the latest innovation, ideas or concerns of the citizens or local businesses is needed. Big data is growing too quick and there is a desperate need for local data but still hidden.

Evoluginos solves these challenges through the smart city-platform connecting all combinations of online marketplaces and a social networks.

How it works:
Evoluginos provides a customizable website that allows small businesses to present their business, create their own showroom, communicate via chat, connect it with social media profiles and manage products and/or table reservations. In the same time consumers can find the best rated local products or services they are looking for by product name, brand, keywords or simply by choosing a category of interest in an very intuitive way. Users can also create their own profile in Evoluginos to recommend or reserve products to their friends, so that they can support their favorite local small businesses. The local government can present themselves in an innovative way, interacting via site profile or by chatting with citizens & SMEs to directly communicate and gain access to high valuable local data.

The end consumers can find the best evaluated local products, services and offers and save time & money. The small businesses gain immense visibility, valuable feedback and new customers.

In addition to that, the social network allows citizens to start their own groups to support and strengthen their neighborhood network.

In the same time the government has an unique access to local smart data in real-time to gain very valuable smart local data which is not available on other platforms.

The expected added is to give access to hidden data to cities through Evoluginos, transforming (smart) cities in a shareable environment besides adding more transparency, security, trust, harmony and a developing shared economy.

The platform was just launched in beta as a mobile app accessible via smartphones and tablets to connect the citizens with the small local businesses through their products and services.

Evoluginos – smart city evolution.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Business Premium - 20,00€ ((future upgrade))
Urban life, Shopping, Eating and Drinking
  • Smart City, big data, mobile apps, e-government, urban development, local information, district dynamisation, SME development, local ecommerce, collaborative economy, sharing economy, urban app, gamification, geolocation, city council, smart phones, smart
Target Users
  • Citizens, end customers, tourists, small local businesses / SMEs, shops, local government / city councils
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Google Play, iTunes
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