The first virtual reality 3D map for your mobile device
eyeMaps is a new groundbreaking concept of looking at a map. Simply hold your phone as if you were taking a picture, what you now get on your screen is the 3D virtual representation of what you are pointing at.

Get a beautiful 3D map of the world, also available offline. Discover any region and download the map of the area before your departure into the wild!

Know what surrounds you :
Discover intuitively the name of mountains, villages, historic places and much more. From the top of a mountain or the window of a moving train, eyeMaps also tracks your position while you're moving.

Share your adventures :
Find all your photos displayed on the 3D map at the location you took them. Show them to your friends in an exciting new way.

( NOTE: This app will soon be available on the AppStore. If a member of the jury would like to try our app, it is possible to TestFlight it in it's current beta version. Please contact us via our website if you wish to try eyeMaps. )
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Travel and Tourism, Sports
  • map, 3D, virtual reality, travel, sensors, motion, cartography
Target Users
  • travellers, trekkers, tourists, alpine sports, nature lovers
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