The launch of our new application, "Pitapat" (the former Facematch)
NOTICE!!: The company has changed its name from "Facematch" into "Pitapat".
※We will put the company description with the name of "Facematch" for now, and will change it later.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Facematch is a multi award winning social matching service made by genius Japanese university students!

The service allows users, through Facebook, to discover whether a person you are interested in has the same feelings for you.
It will make your heart beat in a way you have never experienced!

Past rewards include the SXSW Pitch Battle Award which was headed for the SXSW
Furthermore, Facematch has expanded its activities to the world by taking the first place at the San Francisco New Tech Japan Night.
Facematch has now become a service with great expectations in Japan.

Past awards:

• Breakthrough Camp 2011 Summer : < 1st place >
• SF New Tech Japan Night 2011 Sumer : < 1st place >
• Smartphone Application Business Auction : < 2nd place >
• Mushup Award7 : < “Developer, Developer, Developer!!” Award >
• Student Web Service Award : < “Audience” Award >
• SXSW Pitch Battle Award : < Special Award >
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Facebook,Facematch,matching,japan,dating,love,social,cute, girl, pitapat, pit a pat, heartbeating
Target Users
  • Students, Young people, people who have interests in the web service, iPhone users, Facebook users,
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