Farmanuario Vademécum Móvil
All you need about drugs, in your smartphone
Application that installs Farmanuario Databases in the device and allows queries and drug searches by brand, active principle and by laboratory.
It contains updated pharmacological and therapeutic information on all medicines available in the country, with their retail prices.

Farmanuario updates and supports the work of health professionals, describing for each drug the commercial presentations and similar medicines available in the country, beside their Indications, Dose, Adverse Reactions, Interactions and Pharmacokinetics. The information contained in Farmanuario is of our authorship, based on reference bibliographic sources, produced and supported by an International Scientific Committee.

Access to drug information and searches is done:
By Brand or Trade Name
By Active Principle
By Laboratory
Farmanuario Vademécum Móvil Conjugates the National Drug Vademecum of the country with the Drug - Therapeutic Information Base developed by Farmanuario.

It presents additionally:
An Index of Pharmaceutical Companies where the drugs of each Laboratory are described
Farmanuario Vademécum Móvil provides a professional information service for Physicians and Health Professionals.

It is a modern tool, powerful and permanently updated, which allows the user to make their queries from wherever they are.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Farmanuario Vademécum Móvil - U$S 7.99/month (U$S 79,99/year)
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Target Users
  • Healthcare professionals
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