Fast Parking
No más largas filas para pagar tu parqueadero
Fast parking contributes to meet the needs of time, safety, ease and flexibility of users of parking easier for users to pay for their time parking from the comfort of your mobile, without long lines or without the need with cash. The model of operation of Fast Parking by SOA Consulting World is very simple, just 4 simple steps are required: Download the App, sign, scan ticket and pay Besides this, Fast Parking it integrates easily to the trend of smart cities, so that users can search our network affiliates parking lots that are closest to the public transport system.
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • fastparking, parqueaderos, ciudades inteligentes, transporte
Target Users
  • Personas que hacen uso de estacionamientos en centros comerciales, supermercados, cines, universidades, etc. que en general deben pagar por el uso del tiempo en el estacionamiento.
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