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Listen to the Guardian Newspaper while driving or walking the dog with FeedMe Guardian!
Do you want to catch up on latest news from UK's favorite website The Guardian.co.uk during that long commute to work? Just put FeedMe Guardian into ʻplay modeʼ and into your pocket - FeedMe will read the news to you while you drive. This hands-off eyes-off listening mode is legal while driving!

Easily save yourself 30 minutes every day by staying current with the latest news, while doing other activities.

Our natural, emotive and highly realistic text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis is part of our secret sauce. Youʼll enjoy listening to the news.

Because the synthesis is done in-app in real time, there is no fuss or delay caused by downloading podcasts. And compared with downloading audio, youʼll save gigabytes of bandwidth every month.

We we use ʻfull feedsʼ from Guardian. This means that in ʻplay modeʼ you can listen to the full story, not just a headline. But donʼt worry, you can skip to the next article without taking your phone out of your pocket! And in ʻprint modeʼ you can read the full story without that annoying long wait for the browser to bring up a web page, loaded with commercials you probably donʼt want to read anyway.

It works even when you have a poor broadband connection, or while your phone is in airplane mode!

We pay attention to the little details that make the difference. For example, when you are listening to the news while walking Fido, you can accept that incoming call. When you restart FeedMe it picks up right where you left off.

We actually want to hear from you. So, weʼve put a feedback page into the app. We promise to respond promptly!

P.S.: A tour is also available on our website at 8interactive.com.

- ʻFull contentʼ feeds from one of the worlds most popular news source
- Highly realistic voice (text-to-speech)
- Unique hands-off eyes-off interface
- When the app starts, it picks up right where you left off
- Landscape mode
- Share articles with friends and colleagues
- Tweet about your favorite articles
- Choose your favorite Guardian feeds
- Intuitive, fast reading mode
- Star items to remember stories
- FeedMe automatically remembers what you read

Our worlds best text to speech engine is powered by Cereproc, as featured on Oprah!
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