FetalGrowth is an app for iPhone/iPad/Android, that calculates fetal weight percentiles using fully customized models as well as basic models, for both singleton and twins pregnancies. The app lets you track the fetal growth during gestation. Customization is provided for several countries such as Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, etc.

Why Fetalgrowth app? Most sonograph equipments that compute fetal weight percentiles and most charts and calculators available on the internet rely on basic statistical models and have quite limited accuracy. This is fine for example in normal pregnancies where say, one chart gives you a figure of 40 % ptile while another gives you, 60%. You 'll know you are dealing with a normal fetal growth. But what happens when one calculator gives you 5% and another 25%? You will surely want to rely on a tool as accurate as possible to be certain you deal with a Small for Gestational Age case or not. In such cases Fetalgrowth will be of much help as it is an accurate tool using fully customized statistical models.

Other highlights:
- the first app to employ a dedicated growth model for twins pregnancies.
- besides computing, and plotting the fetal percentiles, the app lets you track the estimated fetal weight and corresponding percentiles during pregnancy.

The app was designed by an OBGYN MD, and high risk pregnancy expert.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • OBGYN MD professionals
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