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Fetch – Get the newest apps from Google Play, quickly and easily! Just pick the types of apps you like and Fetch will keep searching for you, looking for the best matches. When Fetch finds something new and awesome, it will go right into your feed so you will get the best new apps first, with no effort.
Only on Fetch can you search with more than 100 different traits to get to the type of apps and games that you like:- Category traits like: Action-Adventure, Brain-Puzzle, and Strategy-Simulation- Multiplayer traits like: MMO, Turn-based Multiplayer, and Player vs Player- Subject traits like: Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi- Action traits like: Shoot, Drive, and Jump- Graphics traits like: Cartoony, Anime, and 8-bit... and many, many more!
Explore games like never before! Follow your search to subscribe to the newest games as they come out on Google Play. We also curate hundreds of new apps every week, so you get only the best ones, filtered by us.
- BE FIRST - Get great new apps & games before your friends! - NO SEARCHING AGAIN - Get a personalized feed updated daily! - ACCURATE RESULTS - Editors from App/Game Genome Project work with us!
Fetch pin points an app's fundamental traits consistently and gives you the power to link them together to find exactly what you’re looking for. Fetch can even follow the search for you and it will work non-stop to find the best new apps for you, every day!
"You could arguably call [Fetch] the Google of the Android app world...It takes search functionality to a different world by studying you as a person and delivering just what you need according to your interests." - OneClickRoot.com April 28, 2013.
SEARCH BY SIMILARStart a search with a game you love and then add new traits to find amazing games you never knew existed! Add traits like "Military" to Angry Birds and find games that upgrade you from slingshot to grenade launcher!
SEARCH BY TRAITSDiscover new games based on hundreds of traits and millions of possible combinations like “Undead + Shooting” or “Car + 3D + Tilting” to find great games you’ll love.
FOLLOW SEARCHESWith 1 simple click, Fetch will follow a search you like and keep looking for new app/games that match. You can sit back and do other things, comfortably knowing Fetch is watching out for you.
YOUR FEED OF NEW GOODNESSGet great recommendations based on the searches Fetch is following for you in a simple feed. You’ll get best-suggested new apps for you every day, but only if we find something good.
EDITOR’S PICK ALERTSEven get notifications on top reviewed apps/games based on the traits that matter for you. Get the freshest items before everyone else!
EXTRASFetch is also a multi-faceted tool! Manage your apps in an easy to use interface that lets you share on Facebook or Twitter, Uninstall, Move2SD, and more!
PERMISSIONS EXPLANATION“Phone Calls – Read phone status and identity”“Your Accounts – Find accounts on the device”Fetch added these permissions in order to read the ID number of the device, as required by our advertisers in order to keep Fetch free. No personally identifiable information is gathered, the ID number is only used to verify that a download from Fetch is successful. We and our advertisers do not access your phone number or your contacts.
Created by the same developers who brought you Best Apps Market – the popular discovery app with more than 7 million downloads and a rating of 4.52 from over 45,000 user reviews – the BAM team is using this wealth of knowledge and experience to help you discover apps in ways never seen before.
Try Fetch today and email us your comments at [email protected]
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