FidMe - Loyalty Cards
European leading mobile loyalty wallet
With over 3.5 M users FidMe is now the leading mobile loyalty wallet app in Europe. Available in 21 languages, FidMe turns any Smartphone into a mobile loyalty wallet. Barcodes cards from retailers and stampcards from small businesses are now stored in one place including coupons and vouchers, with geolocation features, received in real time. Free and with no ad it works on EVERY mobile - Save and store loyalty cards - Barcode advanced recognition - Connexion to retailer CRM - Free stampcard system for small businesses - mWallet enabler (Passbook, Microsoft Wallet, SWallet) - SOLOMO (social local mobile interactions) - 20 languages - Advanced notification center, geo fencing - NFC & iBeacon stamps and scan - Online analytics and management tools for merchants - Online site for user to manage their cards.

FidMe is now a contextware app gathering :
- 3.5 M users
- 17 M digitalized cards
- 6000 retailers
- 10500 small businesses
- 1000's coupons
- 45M fidme point via gamification
Android, bada, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Java ME, Windows Mobile, Qt, Windows Phone, MeeGo, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • wallet, loyalty cards, passbook, microsoft wallet, samsung wallet, coupons, voucher, geolocation, offers, geo-fencing, discount, stampcards, punchcards, stores, shops, retailers, brands, notifications, sales, ibeacon, nfc
Target Users
  • B2C : Smarpthone users with loyalty cards B2B : Retailers with loyalty programs B2B : Small business / Franchises to create stampcards B2B : Coupons providers
Customer Ratings
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