Fillr Winter Edition
The evil Dark has stolen the Christmas! Help Santa and the Fillrs defeat Dark and release the Christmas spirit.
Dark is back! And now the evil spirit has stolen the Christmas from the Fillr land. Help Santa and the Fillrs to take back the Christmas from Dark.
Fillr Winter Edition has new levels, new features and more fun!
Play in one of the 4 game modes: Quick Play, Defeat Dark, Play Online or Community Levels.
In the Quick Play mode, you have to fill the game board with Fillr characters of the same color, in a limited number of moves. In the Defeat Dark mode, you will start from the top left corner, Dark will start from the right bottom corner and you have to fill over 50% of the game board before Dark. Careful, Dark can be tricky sometimes!
In the Play Online mode, you can play agains players from all around the globe. In the Community Levels mode, you can download levels made by our community members and play them. You can see the best scores in the Highscores menu in the game.
Fillr Winter Edition has over 20 levels and 3 winter skins.
Series 40, Qt, MeeGo
  • Free version available
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  • fillr, puzzle, winter edition, santa, christmas, snow
Target Users
  • users with ages from 10 to 60
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