"Never was so easy wash your car"
FitCars is a mobile application that seeks solve the problem of car washing to people, we improve the experience of users who have car and who request some cleaning requirement of their car using a technological tool. The application requires just three steps for a cleaning expert of the allied dry cleaning companies to go to the customer in the place and at the time the service is requested. The new thing of the FitCars model is that the service is taken directly to users to the place that they said, like his own house or to his place of work in any day of the week, by means of the alliance with an expert company in dry washing, in this way we save our clients time (up to two hours on routes and waiting times in auto washes), money in fuel and most importantly when doing a dry wash can save up to 30 liters of water, contributing to the care of the planet's water resources.
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Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • car wash, home service, dry clean, book your wash
Target Users
  • Our target are people who do not have the time but who have the money to pay for it, these described as undergraduate, graduate, employee and executive students willing to pay for the value of their time between the ages of 27 and 60 in a Usaquén area be
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