Five-to-Go Pro
A challenging word game whose object is to guess your opponent's secret word.
Five-to-Go is an exciting, two-player game where the object is to guess the app's secret five-letter word before it guesses yours. With each guess, the app tells you the number of letters common to the word you guessed and its secret word and which are in the same position. For example, if the app's secret word is stars and you guess spurs, the response would be 3. If you guessed artsy, the response would be 0. Match wits against the app in this challenging and addictive game.
Features include:

• Play in French or English (more languages to come!)
• Large word lists: 8000+ (English), 7200+ (French)
• Great for improving vocabulary
• Three levels of opponent playing strength (Novice, Intermediate and Expert)
• Player ratings: start off as a Novice and work your way up to Expert by winning rating points
• Enter your secret word manually or choose from the full alphabetized list
• Observer your opponent's progress in deducing your secret word
• Keep track of your progress as you figure out the app's secret word
• Add to the fun by displaying insults/whines when the app wins/loses
• Attractive user interface

Designed and written by a UC Berkeley Ph.D. mathematician, this game relies on logic more than knowledge of thousands of arcane, five-letter words and is extremely challenging. As you progress in skill from Novice to Expert, your powers of deduction will improve. This is a great game for training your mind in logical thinking. Beat the app and become smarter!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Five-to-Go Pro - $0.99
  • word games, puzzles
Target Users
  • All who love word games.
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