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Flavrly is a marketplace for buying and selling niche, homemade food products. There are so many flavorful food products made from generations of family recipes, these are not available for regular consumers and you cannot get them in any restaurants or super market stores. Flavrly is a curated marketplace where one can find amazing, niche food products out there. From homemade south indian pickle to crispy tortillas made out of gram flour. You will find unique food products that are not available in any of the online stores or super market stores.

Flavrly provides a customer / audience for any individual to sell and capture a market for their food products. The marketplace will provide (in the future) to interact with the customer and ask for feedback. The market place will also be enhanced to provide local services (food products or food lessons) from the Flavrly providers.

Flavrly is in beta testing, you can purchase the listed food products. Please provide comments and feedback so we can continually iterate and improve on the services we provide to our customers and also to our Flavrly vendors.

NOTE - App is in beta testing.
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