DocCheck Flexikon
A decisive Lexicon and Encyclopedia for Medical Knowledge
The essence of medical knowledge from one of the largest & most popular communities for medical & health comes with the Flexikon App - a comprehensive lexicon and encyclopedia.

Practicing physicians, nurses, med students or anyone just interested can benefit from instant access to a huge library of medical information in this free app.

Quickly & efficiently search for definitions, symptoms, therapies & much more medical information. You can easily access or browse medical knowledge in over 50.000 articles, images & videos. An additional comprehensive visualization of content through 3D models, videos & galleries is another feature.
The content is updated on a regular basis while quality is ensured by peer reviews.

While quality is ensured by peer reviews Flexikon provides an open medical dictionary for everyone to participate with a steadily growing knowledge base.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Offline Usage - 2,99€ (offline accessibility and ad-free version)
  • medical knowledge, lexicon, encyclopedia, physicians, nurses students, library, information, search medical symptoms, medical therapies, medical articles, images, videos, open dictionary
Target Users
  • physicians, nurses, students, paramedics, doctors, lecturers
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