Fluff Eaters
Bounce, Touch, Get Rid of Them All!
An unusual adventure about a purple cat against a bunch of Fluffs!
Make Bouncy jump on a diverse type of elements, have fun touching those evil Fluffs and making them dissapear, use this cute cat's abilities to overcome amazing challenges joining the adventure through colorful and unique Worlds!

Bouncy is a purple cat who loves his bed more than anything in the world. One day, he was distracted by hunger and left his bed. When Bouncy returned, there were tiny Fluffs all over the place, his bed was a mess! The purple cat swore to give those evil Fluffs a lesson for what they did... he needs your help to do it, do you have what it takes to do it?

NOTE: I added the iOS video because it's the newest one, we also have a video for Android: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6x-3i9F58s if the Android video is required, I can change it.
  • Free version available
  • Fluff, Eaters, Bounce, Purple, Colorful, Puzzle, Casual
Target Users
  • iOS, Android players, users that play puzzle/casual games in daily life. Players located mainly in Spanish and English speaking countries (nonrestrictive), between 10 and 50 years old.
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