A Fluxom can take you places. Rings light the way. The more rings you get, the faster your speed. As new challenges are revealed, your skills will be tested. See how far you go....
Only pilots with true skill can master the Fluxom.

Join Fluxy and Julio as you begin your Fluxom training. The Fluxom can travel vast distances at blazing speeds, as long as you maintain your course. It's a spaceship where precision and quick maneuvering will lead to new challenges. Blue "power rings" light your way, and the more rings you get, the faster you'll go!

As you hone those flight skills, new flight areas are revealed and more abilities tested. FluxomFrenzy is fast, responsive, and requires the precise hand of pilots with the ability to maintain a flight course under pressure. See how far you can get...

The game has beautiful 3D graphics and an evolving and challenging gameplay designed to take advantage of the exciting features of your device.

Download now and prove your skill!!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Fluxy & Julio FluxomFrenzy 1.0 - 1.99 (App was released on Oct 1, 2014. A co-production with Atlantic University College in Puerto Rico)
  • fluxom, frenzy, fluxyandjulio, atlantic university college, action game, space, spaceship, STEM
Target Users
  • kids 6 - 11, families, action game enthusiasts, sci fi enthusiasts
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