Electrocute and swat flies before they eat your delicious food. Win trophies, share on facebook, laugh, do it again!
Your MISSION...if you choose to accept it... is to get past all of our exciting levels and get every piece of delicious food WITHOUT letting any fly eat it.

FlySmack it up and kill all of the flies with your powerful electrifying glove and your awesome interactive flyswatter.

Win the most amazing virtual trophies ever created and have some laughs by becoming the GREATEST FlySmacker of all time!

Look out for the different types of flies like the NinjaSmacker and others to ensure total victory!

This is the most addictive and COOL FlySmacking game of all time!!

Begin your FlySmackAttack and share it with friends and family!!!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • FlySmacker - 0.99 (Free version has ads. Paid version has no ads.)
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  • fly, smack, kill, trophy, fun, laugh, facebook, addictive, cool, exciting, friends, ninja, video game, mind, flysmacker, funny, food, eat, zap
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  • Everyone
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