Food2u is the app to order delivery food
Food2u is a totally free app allowing you to order delivery food with greater ease, speed and convenience. With only 3 clicks you can choose your menu and where you want to enjoy it without making any call, reducing the waiting time, facilitating the selection and processing the order with no additional cost. Food2u works with the best take away restaurants (food to be collected or delivered) from each city to ensure the best service for the customer and the restaurant. What are the advantages of using food2u? - Totally free: Both the application download and use have no cost or extra charge to users. - Easy to use: With only 3 clicks you can make your menu. Totally intuitive. - Meet the restaurants in your area: Food2u gives you the list of restaurants closest to your position. - Faster: Food2u is the quickest way to request a menu. No waiting calls, you decide the time you need to compose your menu. - No calls: Forget about making calls. Busy phones and call waiting are gone. - Comfortable: With food2u you can request a menu anywhere.. - Visual: You can watch pictures of the restaurant entire menu without having to repeat all dishes by telephone. Much easier for group consensus on the menu! - No errors: No more wrong listed menus, incorrect addresses, or language misunderstandings. - No pressure: Design your menu calmly and with all the information you need. - Available for all type of restaurants: Take away, delivery, ordering by phone call or internet. - Same price: Orders have the same price or cheaper. - Discounts access: You'll have access to exclusive offers. - No passwords: You do not need registration, username and passwords or bank details to use the application. - Always updated: Our restaurants catalog increases day by day, if you do not find one do not hesitate to tell us.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • 14-44 years old users of smartphone that usually order delivery food
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