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The discussion on how to best fight obesity is in full swing, spearheaded by the UK's efforts to tax sugar and fight excessive amounts of fat and salt in consumer foods.

Their first effort at improving the nation's health was a traffic light labelling system, designed to help regular people make healthy, informed choices during supermarket shopping.

Since its inception, this system has been rolled out across many of the UK's largest retailers, been adopted by manufacturers large and small and opposed by even more companies and governments throughout Europe.

Since many studies have confirmed that traffic light labels indeed help consumers to make better, more informed choices (University of Bonn, 2015), health providers, doctors and consumer advocates have all rallyed behind this system. However, no one has come close at providing a wholistic approach that can be used in day to day lives and outside of academia.

This app has been the front-runner since 2009 and steadily provided consumers access to a wealth of product data. Every item is accessible in traffic light colors and offers a direct connection to the regular nutritional labels found on the packaging. Interactive features such as portion size changes and personalized daily intake recommendations make FoodCheck the quickest and most comprehensive way to shop for an entire family.

The app has been expanded with a meal manager that allows people to create meals, daily food portions or even check up on their favorite recipes in traffic light colors to better and more effictively manage their family’s health. The overall goal is to provide every user with a readily accessible way of making quick, informed choices without taking away the fun and joy of food away.
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