Experiential group game that walks home cooks through fun, hands-on, real life cooking battles with friends.
You and your friends can have cooking competitions in real life with FoodFu! Get the fun and excitement of your favorite television cooking competition shows by playing FoodFu at home.

FOODFU is for PEOPLE who LOVE COOKING & hanging out with FRIENDS

To play FoodFu, you need a kitchen and a minimum of four people. Two people are Chefs, two are Judges, and one person is the Emcee (who can also be a Judge). After selecting a featured ingredient, like carrots or bacon, the Chefs are given 45 minutes to prepare a main dish. During the 45 minute competition the Emcee interviews the Chefs and Judges with prompted entertaining questions from FoodFu. When time is up the Judges get to taste the dishes and anonymously rate the Chefs based on plating, taste, creativity, and use of the featured ingredient. FoodFu tallies the results and announces the winner.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • FoodFu - $4.99
Games, Eating and Drinking
  • Food, Game Night, Cooking Competition, Kitchen, Chef, Experience, Creative, Foodie, Contest, Play, Judge, Chopped, Group Game
Target Users
  • Anyone who likes to cook, or eat or hang out with friends.
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