Frame Booth
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As the name says, it combines two concepts: frame, in which the pictures are framed in groups of four, and in four different types of frame, and booth, just like the automatic photo booths.

With a big advantage: you can deactivate the automatic shooter and take the pictures in your time, allowing more elaborated sequences, with both front- faced and rear - faced cameras.  

Frame Booth lets you shoot your precious moments on a single picture.
It allows you to capture every single moment you don’t want to miss.

★Taking pictures
You can capture pictures by tapping the respective frame you want your current shot to appear in or by using the shutter button. The shutter button has a manual and automatic mode.

★Editing and sharing
After taking the picture, go to the gallery to see amazing resulting images.
You can apply one of four filters to make your photos looks even nicer and stylish.
Do you want to share the images with your friends?
Use filters to give your photos style and post them on Twitter and Facebook


* Camera Mode
- Importing from you existing photo library
- Automatic Shot
- Manual Shot
- Touching frame to capture
- Front/Rear Camera

* Album / Editing
- 4 free photo effects
- 4 free layout.
- Share your photos to Facebook.
- Share your photos to Twitter.
- Email your photos.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Frame Booth - 0.99
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Target Users
  • Casual Photo user
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