Free Touring
Collaborative app which puts tour guides and companies of tours in touch with tourists to, respectively, offer and join guided tours in exchange of tips (“free tours”).
Free Touring is a collaborative app which puts companies of tours and professional or amateur tour guides in touch with tourists to, respectively, offer and hire guided tours in exchange of tips. Each tourist decides how much money the tour is worth it once it finishes, resulting in guides that are always motivated. Furthermore, Free Touring offers companies of tours a complete package of B2B services –business intelligence- to optimise their companies and resources. So, Free Touring is an Airbnb or Wallapop-like marketplace and a Booking-like search engine, but focused on free tours, with a TripAdvisor-like rating system which allows the community of tourists to create a quality catalog of guides and tours.
Android, HTML5
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism
  • free, tours, guided, visits
Target Users
  • Last year, there were 11 million travelers in Madrid, 65 million people visiting Spain and 580 million people visiting Europe. Our study researches state that up to 6% of tourists visiting Madrid hire a free tour, and during 2015, free tour sector moved a
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