FreeSOS a very original and useful app to help you find free aids to solve daily hassles!
FreeSOS is a social networking to help each others, intened for special cases. This app is not based on the "give and take" system.
FreeSOS can help you find a "free of charge" solution whenever you meet these daily hassles :
Car trouble (flat tire...),
Lost items, (credit card…),
Accommodation (full Hotels...)
Electrical failure
Plumbing trouble
Carpooling (during strike days)
Home-care service (looking for a nanny,...)
and so on....

How does it work?
Each time you 're in a mess, just send an SOS message via FreeSOS and the app will locate for you the Helpers (FreeSOS ' s members) who has skills suitable to your need and who are in a radius of 3km around you. If some helpers accept the mission, then they do it for "free of charge" !
You and Helpers can choose each other based on "Trust profile" attached to each member.

When using FreeSOS ?
FreeSOS is an extension of the standart companies:
FreeSOS is intended to be used in situations where you are in an area where there is no companies to serve you, or when your hassle hapends outside office hours , or when your trouble is not worth a professional and maybe there is just no service-company that corresponds to your need.

Our motivation?
We are motivated by creating a fair-play solidariry social networking that could empower citizens without unfairly contesting to any service-companies !!

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Empower citizens
  • solidarity , social networking, help, SOS, hassle, mess, jam, empower citizen
Target Users
  • all Men and women
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