Freeze It
Think Fast, Think Smart, and Don't Freeze Up while playing this exciting Word Game
Find 1 Word for Each Category.

Freeze It is a word game that makes you think fast, but also think smart.

Once it starts, the players must find 1 word for each category as fast as possible. The player who gets a correct answer for each category in the lowest amount of time can Freeze the opponent's. When the opponents are Frozen they can't input any more answers.

- Challenge Your Friends
- Play in Real Time using Game Center VS 1 to 3 Opponents.

Each word has a different score

Longest words receive more points

Special letters give Bonus points

The player with the higher score at the end of the round, Wins the match.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • word, letter, spell, board, dictionary, friend, family, game, center, up, find, search, scattergories, real, time
Target Users
  • PG
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