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With the Early Start app, an online network has been created for the first time to enable parents, family members, clinics and the pediatrician to follow the entire development of the premature baby together.
The service provider vitabook has developed a completely new, cloud-based, cost-free and ad-free app for parents of pre-teenagers, the »early start app«, in cooperation with the cooperation partners - University Hospital Essen and the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen.
The new app consists of several areas to make it easier for parents to start a new family life. Small development steps of the child can hold the parents with texts, audio or video files and share with all family members. A variety of functions are reminiscent of doctor 's visits, vaccinations or medication. Important data on the development, such as the increase in weight, the drinking volume of the child or even the growth, can be permanently recorded. These data may be passed on to doctors or nursing staff who are entrusted with the care of the child in follow-up care. Thus, a unique data supply system has been created that allows parents, family members, clinic and pediatrician to monitor online the entire development of the premature baby online.

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  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Parents of new born babys.
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