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Frysbe is a fun app to meet and chat with new people from all over the globe. Snap a photo, video, text message or drawing and upload it to your profile. Talking to people never was so cool. It's fun, friendly and free!


What Our Members Say:

"A fun clean way to reach out to people all over the world! Paint, text, video or take a picture, it has it all! Expand your world and join the Frysbe community!!!"

"You can be connected with people all over the globe! New friends are always stellar. It's kind of a cross between Snapchat and Tinder but with the entire world."

"I love this app! You get to chat with people around the world in a cool and fun way.”


[How it works]

Flick your phone in a frisbee-like motion to launch your Frysbe and once you reach one is completely up to you what to do with it. Here is a resumed list of what you can do with a Frysbe:

• Hold it pressed in order to show its content
• Double-tap on it to start a new private chat conversation with your favourite people
• Swipe on it completely to dismiss it
• Swipe on it partially to show a menu where you can also dismiss it, mark it as favourite or report it as inappropriate

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Social Media
  • Meet new people, chat, selfie, microvideos, snap, world
Target Users
  • Frysbe has a primary US target. Globally, 48% of Frysbe users are in the US, with Europe making up the second largest geographic totaling 40% of all users. Frysbe has a young audience, people over 16-24 years old.
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