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The world of exams requires students not only dedication. Discipline and the right strategies are essential to optimize the time devoted to study and improve the efficiency of learning.

Gabaritar team researched and selected the main techniques that allow students to focus on what really matters: The Studies!

Gabaritar focuses on the most important techniques: the counting of net hours of study, ie,Gabaritar facilitates the student's life by offering a digital timer, coupled to the subjects to be studied for a specific exam. Through accompanying graphs, one can identify whether the amount of study hours per disciple are sufficient or not, thus optimizing the time studied.

At next phase, Gabaritar will offer exams on line, with questions commented by specialists, connecting students and teachers, allowing students to vote and rank who provided the best comments. Students will also be allowed to buy content from the most voted (five star) content providers, using in app billing.
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