We are Gea, two guys who got tired of having percussive clothes, stained lungs and constant respiratory diseases being non-smokers that decided to generate an application for an air that works for all

What we are looking for is to generate enough evidence to intervene as it should in this issue that for many is not a priority. The App works by registering with an email, a password and uploading denunciations with or without a photo that go directly to the Secretary of the Environment to begin to be managed. In the past, this process could be done in person, it could take 1 year, now it is done in real time, and the complaints are filed with the Secretary of Environment. The personage of the vehicle is contacted and has 15 days to appear before the courtyards of the Secretary of Mobility. Otherwise a sanctioning process is initiated. Our vision is to create an strong app that works in the main cities of Colombia, then Mexico D.F. and then Santiago de Chile.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life
  • pollution, smog, clean air, change, clean city, vehicules, Gas, responsabilitiy
Target Users
  • Young People, Students, activist, enviromental groups, authoryties, basicly everyone who dream breathing a clean air in our city, Initially
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iTunes, Samsung Applications Store
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