smartwatch-based health monitoring
&gesund converts your android smartwatch into an intelligent health assistant by automatically detecting, interpreting and communicating health and health risks. Using &gesund helps to assess and ensure the vitality, health and activity of oneself and beloved ones.

We detect activities, sleep and sleep patterns from standard smartwatch sensors, using sophisticated algorithms developed during ten years of research. Pulse and breathing rate are extracted on interval level, allowing finegranular analysis of vital signs. The user is alerted to potential health risks, which are identified within his data through an adaptive, individual interpretation layer. Extensive communication options allow sharing data with GPs or care-givers.

The smartwatch-app is complemented by a smartphone-app, allowing to dive into one's data and profile, as well as a cloud-based storage platform - creating an individual health ecosystem.

&gesund will be available as a PaaS-license to B2B-customers, as a one-stop-shop package (including app, smartwatch & telco-contract) and a free basic version. We have a strategic partner in PERS (Personal Emergency Response System / Hausnotruf) market with 130.000+ customers, develop a therapy support solution for a health insurer and evaluate &gesund as a screening device for atrial fibrillation with the Charité Berlin.

We give special attention to data security and privacy. Personal data is stored and transferred encrypted, security audits guarantee a high level of resilience. We are committed to the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Data privacy law), one of the strictest in Europe.

&gesund is developed within the Digital Health Companion project and has received seven digit funding through the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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  • Free version available
  • Paas (B2B) - license (Allowing use of whitelabel-app and professional backoffice-solution)
  • Package (B2C) - monthly fee (monthly fee for smartwatch, app and telco-contract, similar to mobile phone contract)
  • free (B2C) - free (free version for Smartwatch users with modular extensibility)
  • health monitoring, pulse, vital data, breathing, activity, sleep, sleep quality, steps, smartwatch, PERS, medical alarm, atrial fibrillation, emergency response, pattern detection
Target Users
  • Athletes, Quantified Self, Elderly, Senior, Retired, Pensioner, Impaired, people affected by chronic diseases,
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