: Get2gether allows people who share common needs and are in the same geographical area to meet physically or create an event after giving them a chance to interact using a private chat.
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We are a group of Telecommunications Engineering students at UPC Campus Nord, and we are developing a phone application called get2gether.

At the moment the application includes two different functions. One of these functions is business oriented, whilst the second fulfills a social requirement. Other modules as “car sharing” are in process.
The system is intended to send the user's real time location and interests to a server which assesses the information and looks for a possible match with another user in the same area to then offer them both the possibility of getting in touch.
The parts that are already implemented are:

1. Socially, this app can be used to get people with a specific need in touch with others who share their interest (people who are abroad and want to meet people from their region, people who want to meet someone with a given interest, people who want to perform a common activity such as running, shopping going to the cinema.. with someone else). Users can perform activities in pairs (when the app notifies them about their match) or they can create a public event defining the place, the activity they are going to practice and the time of the event. Example: “football match at 17.00 P.M at UPC Sport’s center (defining it by its GPS location)”, then this event will be visible for all the nearby people who are interested in football, once they join the event all the assistants can chat through a group chat.

2. The business oriented aspect of the app is for shops.
Apart from the activities he usually does, a user can define the offers he is interested in.
Get2gether also creates an internal profile of the user based on the activities he usually performs and the thematic of the matches he has done, so we can offer more accurate offers to him.
2.1 Shop’s point of view: If a shop has an offer for a specific product it can inform the App, then this offer is visible to the nearby people who are interested in the product (not spam!, segmented advertising).
2.2 User’s point of view: When a user is looking for offers for this particular product he is notified of the exact location of the shop and the details of the offer.

We also have an important “gamification” part on the app which is based on a trophies system. Users can achieve different levels (bronze, silver and gold) the kind of challenge they have to do to get the trophies are like “run with people of 3 different countries in 1 month” or “organize 3 sport events in a week”.
Furthermore users can also log in through facebook and twitter so they can publish contents to the net as matches, events and trophies.. This account is also used in order to retrieve his get2gether account from another mobile phone.

We have threedifferent videos:

Tutorial Of the app:

The first video shows a particular case of use about a business man who comes to Barcelona and is looking for someone to go running with:

The second video shows different cases of use, business/social, car sharing and shop offers.

We have been developing all the architecture of the application, now we are implementing the offers website to let the shops publish offers directly to nearby users. We are also implementing the “car sharing” module where the user will be able to define a “sporadic or a regular route” so that users who are doing the same route, can share a car easily, making Barcelona a green city! These modules will be available in a few weeks.

Benefits for users in their daily life: Get2gether allows people who share common needs and are in the same geographical area to meet physically or create an event after giving them a chance to interact using a private chat.
There are benefits for companies as well. Through Get2gether, shops can promote their products to both let the clients inside the shop know about the available offers and attract new customers who are in the neighborhood. It can also centralise current promotions on offer by the shop and broadcast them to all the clients in the vicinity.

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Go to:
In our private server you can download:
1. The android application. (what we have done of the app so far (social module already implemented)),
2. The tutorial explaining how to use it.
3. Our future plans, incomes and business mode behind the app.
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  • Localization, preferences, social, sports, culture, leisure, neighbourhood, network, costumized offers, segmentet advertising, local shops.
Target Users
  • All kind of users that want to know what is going on arround them. Activities requirements can bee from under 18 up to more than 65 years old. We have sports activities but also culture like "going to the theatre" or to an exposition. Shops are users as
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