GiveO2 is a mobile application to measure and offset the transport-related carbon footprint in a simple and automatic way. The measurement is automatic, and users will be able to buy “Carbon Credits” through “GiveO2” to offset th
GiveO2 is the most effective way to acquire and retain users to do carbon offset”

Today, there is a problem in the voluntary carbon credit market. The total market has decreased from 2008 to 2009 from 700 MM to 400 MM and has been stable since then. The companies are not being effective acquiring and retaining users to offset their carbon footprint. This is happening because the industry has not been able to be flexible enough to the users needs and has not given the right incentives to the users to do offset. In other words, today the offsetting process is broken.

Most people feel that they are offsetting their guilt more than their carbon footprint so they just pay to clean their conscience and then forget about it. In many cases, all of these makes this process a one time purchase. This has driven companies to spend a lot of money to get new customers and also reacquire their old ones to offset again. We believe that this market is being unexploited. We believe that our generation wants to do more for the planet, but right now, we don’t have access to the right tools to be sustainable yet. People don’t want to waste time and also don’t want to do something boring. So, what if we could use technology to make it easier, trendier and more fun to achieve sustainability?

That’s why we developed GiveO2, a mobile application that let users measure and offset the carbon footprint related to their transportation, in a simple and automatic way. Using the GPS and 3G connection, GiveO2 takes the offsetting process to a personalized level. It uses the information of your transportation. It tracks your trips. This way, it provides a very accurate estimation of your emissions. All this directly from your smartphone. How it works - You download the app for free, then you register your car and that’s it, you just continue with your life meanwhile giveO2 does the rest of the work for you. Thanks to its technology, the measurement of the carbon footprint is automatic. With this, GiveO2 tracks all the trips of your day and, at any time of the day, the user can check his trip summary, were he can easily select the trips he would like to offset.

GiveO2 also includes gammification features so the user can actually have fun while being sustainable. Users will be able to achieve goals, get rewards and earn points that he will be able to change for discounts in stores. This way we encourage the regular use of the application.

Our team is strong and we have validated the project during all the development process. Cristián Schalpers and Joaquín Dufeu, founders of GiveO2, are graduating on march 2912 as Industrial Engineers with an IT Major from the Catholic University of Santiago. Christel Kemp is our Art Director, and she has done all the designs of the website and the app.

GiveO2 has earn many sustainable and entrepreneurial rewards from Corfo, Startup Chile, IncubaUC, Kairos50, Bayer and the Catholic University of Chile.

We are currently testing our Beta so if you want to try it please give us your UDID (from your iPhone), so you can test it as much as you want.

Thanks :)
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic, Education
  • Carbon Credit, Green, CO2, Easy to use, Accurate, Carbon Footprint, Transportation
Target Users
  • Young professionals and people from 20-40 years. They are 1/5 of Americas population and 2% of them already offset their carbon footprint but 31% claim themselves to be sustainable but they feel that they don't have the right tool to achieve sustainabilit
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