One app to the patient
7 out of 10 patients wished to be more informed during their treatment process. Poorly managed & provided treatment information hinders patient’s behavior change.

GoClinic triggers the behavior change and makes the patient aware of all his treatment-related processes.

GoClinic offers guidance in the treatment processes through interactive checklists and push-notifications to make sure the patient is fully informed and prepared. Now, patients can receive all up to date relevant information & news from the hospital staff through messages and the contact form.
Improved patient’s awareness of pre-, within, and post-treatment processes leads to prevention of undesirable outcomes and higher fulfillment of patient’s needs.

A great value to patients is the app-in-app concept, providing patients treatment-related applications recommended by their hospital staff. All essential treatment info & apps delivered in the most convenient way - to a patient's mobile device.

What's more, GoClinic brings healthcare to the next level - we make electronic medical records available on the mobile device. Patients can easily access them now. GoClinic supports healthcare digitalization, enforced by EU policies.

We believe GoClinic is a driver for the rise of telemedicine & mHealth market.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Hospitals/clinics & patients
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