Real Places in Mobile Games
What is Gowar!?

GoWar is a software farm that develops geolocalized social mobile games, free on stores and with a revenue model based on virtual goods.

Our first game, already out, is called GOWAR and is a location based social strategy game for your iPhone. Choose your strategy to conquer real places, manage your troops and declare war on your favorite spots to build your empire.

Thanks to GoWar's proprietary gaming algorithm, you will be able to play with and against real people while roaming around your city and interacting with other players. To get started, just select a target, choose your armies and attack! You can take on your friends on Facebook by inviting them to join the battle and by sharing your victories.

In GoWar, players are able to use tanks and different special weapons to attack real places. The prestige of the places you conquer is proportional to their popularity in the real life thanks to the integration with Facebook's "likes" and "check-ins"!

Have Fun!
GoWar - Virtual Wars, Real Places
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • facebook war game social badges fame place strategy empire friends
Target Users
  • any 13-35 years old with a facebook account
Available in the following app stores
iTunes, iPad App Store
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