Shield Them - Track Them - Aid Them
With the increasing cases of kidnapping, missing children/adults, there is a need in the market for a tracking app that can help us to fight this, a lot of application available in the market to track GPS devices, but none of them is design to aid people when they are gone missing, this is why we built

GPSShield enables families and businesses who run ground workforces or mobile workers to track individuals from their mobiles, and offering powerful and open platform so other 3rd party applications and services can integrate and track other hardware components as well.

The features:
GPSShield is one of the most advanced gps tracking applications available in the market, with a group of unique features that none offers, it can deliver superior security and help not only tracking, but aiding people when they are gone missing, with advanced integration with wearable devices and internet of things, it takes gps tracking to hall new paradigm.

It is currently built for Android + iPhone, the application converts phones into GPS Tracking devices with very sophisticated features like:
• Tracking: real-time tracking, historical tracking.
• Aid Activities, Aid activities are invoked in case someone gone missing, these activities include Wipe device, place an auto answered call, record video and upload it to cloud drive, take camera photo.
- Phone Mode, this mode enables GPS + data and allows location tracking of the devices (GPS outdoor, LBS indoor), blocks disabling GPS/Data or uninstall
- Tracking mode, this mode locks and disables all the phone functionality, allows Data/GPS and enables tracking, useful in case tracking elder adults or young children.
• Send missing person/device alert, the only app in the market today to offer this feature, this feature allows custodian to send an alert about missing person/device, this will send a notification to all devices running the application in radius of 2 KM.
• Bluetooth monitoring, Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.1 support, we can use any Bluetooth device to track a person in close area (less than 25 meters)
• Geo Fence, this features alerts the custodian in case of a device goes outside of an area (100, 300, or 500 meters)
• Hot spot, this feature enables custodian to receive alerts once a device reaches a designated destination.
• Internet of things integration, the backed is running an open web service, so IoT/wearable devices can consume it to send their locations.
• special Hardware, since it is open platform, any hardware manufacturer can design and build wearable device that can track individuals (wrest or ankle bands for example).
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Family Pack - 240LE (Family Pack to monitor 5 devices)
  • Business Pack - 35LE (Per device, offering centralized management and monitoring)
Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Children are at risk..., Business and Work
  • GPS, Tracking, Aid, Geofence, landing, traffic, LBS
Target Users
  • Families. Businesses with mobile workforce including (delivery, sales, transportation)
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes, iPad App Store
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