GRIT - Genotypic Resistance Interpretation Tool
A tool to help doctors provide a better life to HIV patients. You can really save lives with this app.
HIV medical doctors usually have a hard time trying to explore the best medicaments and drugs that really improve the health quality of their patients.

Every patient is different and has different reactions to each medical drug consumed.

There are very famous algorithms published by universities and researches around the world to help the "drug and improvement" identifying process, but medical doctors need to be informed about everyone. That's a really hard job and "human error-prone". The patient's life is really in the doctors' hands.

We don't like it. So we built a tool to remove the human error.

We made a deal with GSK and ViiV Healthcare and built an application where the doctor can input the last exams data of the patient, the app will then calculate every input against every drug in the database and display a result screen mapping which drug the patient can consume. We map if the drug will help the treatment; if it will be neutral; or if the drug will affect patient's health in a negative way (sometimes causing dead). So the doctor has a very trustable list of effective drugs to use in the patient treatment.

We use public database and algorithms of Stanford (USA) and Renageno (Brazil) to make the calculations.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
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