Guardian's Treasure
Your device will be a Guardian that you must defeat while it isn't watching!!
This is an adapted version of the classical game "Statues".
1) Place your device in some stand and point it toward a wall.
2) Press the "Play" button and go to the wall.
You also can tell someone to do it :)
3) Go forward while the guardian maintains his eyes closed.
4) Stop and don't move if the guardian has opened his eyes.
5) If you can press the green button, YOU WILL HAVE WON!!
6) If the guardian catches you moving, you will lose a life and then you will need to start again.
  • Free version available
  • No Ads - 0.99€ (Remove Banners)
  • Play for ever - 0.99€ (Remove time restrictions)
  • No Ads & Play for ever - 1.59€ (Removes all)
Games, Other
  • Statues, Red Light, Green Light, Sly Fox, Grandmother's footsteps, sneak up on granny
Target Users
  • Both children and adults.
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