Handout Wikipedia Mobile*Navigator
You won' find an easier way to search, read and navigate through Wikipedia on your smartphone
- available in six languages (EN,FR,DE,ES,IT,PT),
- search as you type,
- change search language with just one click,
- Favorites and 'Today in History',
- 'Compact Wikipedia' for speed and low data consumption,
- distinguishes external links from images and links to other articles,
- 'No images loaded' mode,
- built-in Image browser,
- use it in Portrait and Landscape,
- fully customizable,
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  • Handout Wikipedia Mobile*Navigator - €2,00
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  • Wikipedia, Reference, Dictionary, What Happened today?
Target Users
  • Any user with a touch enabled Symbian Smartphone that wants to make the mosto out of Wikipedia
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Opera Mobile Store, Own distribution
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