HASH is a private messaging app with untraceable and screenshot-proof features to bring to mobile the privacy and security that we have when engaging in private, in-person conversations
With HASH your messages are Untraceable & Screenshot-proof. Welcome to real privacy.

HASH allows you to exchange texts and photos privately with the peace of mind that no one will ever find out about the things you say. Whether you're a politician or a businessman, a student or a professional, HASH is a great tool for you to keep your private life private. Finally, sensitive conversations no longer have to happen in person.

It's simple:
• Ephemeral: Messages self-destruct within 7 seconds of being opened.
• No Histories: All messages are deleted immediately from the phones and the servers.
• Short & Sweet: Write up to 120 characters of text per message.
• Screenshot-Aware: HASH notifies you when someone has taken a screenshot.
• Anonymous: The sender is never shown in the same screen as the message. This means that even if someone takes a photo, there is still no way to know who sent it.

These innovative and comprehensive features are coupled with a beautiful & simple user interface that will give you the best private messaging experience. This is not about being social and popular. This is strictly for being private. Welcome to your private network.

P.S. This conversation never happened.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Social Media, Photo, Video and TV, People don't wash their hands!, Other, Business and Work
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Target Users
  • Young adults and teen consumers who just want communicate freely without holding back.
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