Health Guide: FirstAid
An handy first aid guide
Heal Guide: FirstAid is an handy app that you should have just in case.

This app contains over 40 first aid cases for you read and explorer. All the causes contain symptoms, causes and treatment.

All this information is arranged in an innovative manner.

There are video guides on each and every treatment.

The app will also present you with daily health tips.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), BlackBerry - PlayBook, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • Health Guide: FirstAid Pro - 1.19 (For Android)
  • Health Guide: FirstAid - 1.99 (For iPad)
  • Heath Guide FirstAid Pro - 1.99 (For Playbook)
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  • first, aid, guide, treatment, causes, symptoms, video, symptoms, doctor, emergency
Target Users
  • Doctors, professionals, kids, parents, teenagers
Available in the following app stores
AndAppStore , Google Play, Androlib , Blackberry App World, AndroidPit, SlideMe, iPad App Store
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