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iPhone and iPad serve as a hearing aid
Hearing help is a powerful program that is intended as a hearing aid as well as for ear training. Hearing help strengthens the microphone signal of an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and processes it in a way that individual hearing deficiencies are corrected as best as possible. For this purpose, hearing help includes the following modules:

* 16-band filter audiogram according to DIN EN ISO 8253
* 16-band equalizer + / - 15 dB
* Frequency band choke to avoid listening fatigue and hearing loss at overdriven frequencies
* Dynamic compressor to avoid listening fatigue and hearing loss due to a high volume because of e.g. sound events close to the microphone
* Real-time noise filter to reduce the noise such as from the iPod's microphone

The sound processing is done almost in real time without disturbing echo formation.

The filtering is absolutely linear phase using a modified proprietary algorithm (patent DE4224842A1, Peer Dahl).

For more information, the operating manual, the support, please refer to


For any questions please feel free to contact us and download the manuals from the support site. You are welcome!

Please note before purchasing:
The app does all that is described above - not less and not more. Please do not purchase it if you do not agree with those properties.

More info on the Hearing Help website
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • hearing help 1.31 - 4.99
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  • Hearing impaired people
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