Prevent Heart Attack & Sudden Death
✎ HeartCheck is an app that transforms the iPhone, iPad or Mac into a quick-test for heart attack symptoms.

✎ It's a survey based on an oral quick-exam from a cardiologist to determine the presence of early-warning signs and symptoms which may lead to a later heart attack.

✎ It is designed with 2 major thoughts in mind:

1. Raise awareness for cardiovascular problems and ultimately heart attack related deaths as the #1 risk factor among adults.

2. Lower barriers to entry for health provision (e.g. in rural or poor areas with limited medical coverage & awareness) & eliminate reasons for not seeing a medical professional by providing a private, self-contained test in familiar home environments.

✎ Based on survey's showing that many heart-related deaths are preventable by treating patients earlier or simply by raising awarenes for early check-ups, this app is an invaluable tool for people in any country in the world.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Target Users
  • End-Users Health-Conscious Medical-Aware General Population (Silver Ager)
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