Heroes of Padel
The first and the best padel game in the world
Heroes of padel is a game inspired by the popular sport : paddle tennis
Become a padel's hero on this game , fight for glory in every match and every tournament.

Set your players choosing a huge range of shirts, pants, sunglasses, caps, sneakers, hairstyles, beards and paddles.

To defeat all opponents you should improve your skills by playing against better and better teams.

Paddle tennis is a similar game to tennis, which is played in couples, unlike tennis court is smaller and bounded by walls in which the ball can bounce.

-Characters fully customizable
-30 different opponents
-Tournaments with 3 difficulty levels
-Several stadiums

In next updates:
- World Tournament PVP (player vs player)
- New stadiums

Enjoy with Heroes of Padel
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • padel, paddle tennis, tennis, tenis, sport, sports, court, tennis court, ball, player, android, iOS
Target Users
  • everyone especially who like play padel
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