Hey Moth!
The musical map of your city!
Hey Moth! is a platform with the purpose of connecting people with events and venues with similar music tastes.

FIWARE EXTRA INFO: http://direct.heymoth.com:3000/media/HeyMoth-FiWare.pdf

We create a music profile for each point of interest (POI) based on the music they usually play. Also, our system creates a music profile for each user through a mobile application, using all the information we can get from other related applications, such as Spotify or Facebook, plus a few interactions with our App. Then, we match these profiles in order to display in a map the venues of interest for this specific user.

Business Model:

Venue Patrons and Music Organizers can use our platform to promote their events.

Announcements are free, but push notifications have a small fee: they can send virtual flyers to specific segments that are close in proximity or music taste.

We can even link their promotions to ticket vending portals, and take a small percentage of each transaction.


We are using Unity 3D as a development tool for our mobile application, the client side. The clients will retrieve the information through API REST calls to a server, the backend side.


The information will be retrieved using a FI-WARE Enabler, the “Geospatial – POI Interface”, which implements an interface to send API REST calls recognized by POI Data Provider Generic Enablers. Also, this enabler is able to parse the information received with a specific JSON format and convert it in C# objects. These objects will be turned into 3D markers displayed in a map created through several calls to the Google Maps Api, using the obtained map images as Textures.


In the Backend side we have installed another FI-WARE enabler, the “POI Data Provider”. This server implements a set of API REST commands, which perform different actions on a MongoDB database. In this database is where we have stored the POI’s information. It is a description of each point and the geo localization data.

The server is capable of performing radial searches using a geo localized point and a radius, and other operations such as additions, deletions and updates.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Music, Art and Culture
  • music, map, events, venues, profile
Target Users
  • Hey Moth! is a very useful app for people who like music and going out to discover new places. Is also a really nice choice for those with specific musical tastes since they can search the kind of music they want to listen and find the closest venue.
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