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Did you know Bedouin lifestyle was the way of living in ancient times in UAE?

Dubai is synonymous with shopping however many travelers also would like to experience and be part of the rich culture it has to offer. Bedouin lifestyle was part of the historical culture of its people in history.

We will create an app which will help the tourists to take a heritage walk on their own through many undiscovered destinations like Al Fahidi Neighborhood District,Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Heritage and Diving Village, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and many such hidden gems of Dubai. The oldest neighborhoods in Dubai are undoubtedly the best one's to stroll through.

Here's what the app will do -

1. It will facilitate the tourists to spend time with the locals, craftsmen to be a part of the rich heritage the city has to offer. The tourists can see the master craftsmen at work creating traditional wares.
An activity will be planned to spend a day with the locals and live like the locals through which can be directly booked through the app.

2. The visitors will be taken to the heritage sites and local homes in the cities to know the way people lived in ancient times.
If the tourists wish to spend a day at the desert and live like the locals an itinerary can be planned through the app for a slice of life with the locals.

3. The app will also offer a culinary tour to taste the traditional dishes prepared by the locals and visit restaurants which serve authentic dishes

4. The App can collaborate with SMCCU to organize tours for visitors to understand the religious significance, practices followed by the locals. You can partake in the iftar meal if you are visiting in Ramadan.

5. The app can arrange for meeting with the opinion leaders in UAE and the tourists can book a meet for themselves.

6. Using the Hidden Dubai App tourists can travel back in time during their tours and understand the rich offerings of UAE’s historical inheritance. Despite its modern offerings Dubai has retained its cultural background and heritage which is a commendable feat by itself.

7. Arts and Crafts - With our Hidden Dubai App Tourists can get to know the arts and crafts related to this mesmerizing city and get hands on experience with the makers of such beautiful art.

We will also provide a complete tour of the visit of the Dubai Museum as it has loads to offer when it comes to history and culture.

Cultural tourism is an excellent platform to exhibit the courtesy and hospitality of the Arab world.

Quite a few tourists are seeking in -destination personal experiences and look forward to spending time with the local artisans which is exactly what the Hidden Dubai App will offer.

Cultural tourists contribute a great deal to the tourism and keep coming back to be part of the culture of the nation they visit. The need of the travelers to get the cultural experience at their convenience can be fulfilled with our Hidden Dubai App. More and more people plan a trip to a destination to understand the ethnicity and culture of its residents.
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  • Cultural Tourism is on a all time high and we will be targeting travelers coming to Dubai to understand it's history,culture,heritage etc
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