Toilet finding app
We guide people to the nearest restroom and provide them with quality data. We control our database to provide every user with quality data about public restrooms. Facilities, costs, business ours and experiences of previous users. HogeNood 2.0 ,which is almost live, can also give data back to companies who provide public restroom. They get feedback of smell, hygiene and condition of toilet. So they know exactly what to improve for getting better ratings of the public.

We control our database. Therefore we are for 99% sure that every toilet in the app is good. So people keep confidence in our app. If you fill the database by people by using the crowd the quality of the database get biased. Because people can insert locations for fun, like a tree or anything else. We can achieve this to cooperate with governances and companies who have public accessible restrooms.
With the new update 2.0 it's also possible to give feedback to these companies and governances about the ratings of the people. We make it possible that people easily can rate on smell, hygiene and the overall state of the toilet. So if the ratings are bad they know exactly what to improve to get their ratings up.
This process is a win-win for both the users and the companies

After 2.0 we will introduce HogeNood 3.0 were the people get rewarded for rating a toilet by a company. They get their money back if they buy something from the store, or collect some points that are offering, like air miles or freebees. This proces takes time because besides the integration multiple companies it's also important to show a uniform format to the users of the app. This is a big challance but the drawings are almost complete.

Our business model is based on a sponsorship and an advertisment possibility for toiletpaper. In our case Satino from Van Houtum which is the most green toiletpaper in the world. Pure cradle to cradle.
After update 2.0 we can also sell feedback about the ratings of toilets. Companies want to know what people think of their toilet, and we are the platform for that. We can compare data of ratings within a company, between different companies and also throughout the sectors, (warehousing, fast-food, gas stations etc..)
Besides the data we are also in touch with a company which is specialized in building supreme restrooms. If we provide a potential built for them, we get a percentage of the provide.

In the end this is a win-win situation. Companies know what people think of their toilets and know exactly what to adjust to get a higher rating. The people who use the toilet are going to experience better toilets and getting rewarded for rating the toilet to keep this proces running.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Make sanitation affordable, Governance and sanitation
  • Toilet Finder, People with special needs, navigation, combining governance and Companies, Desperate Need (HogeNood)
Target Users
  • Everyone who is in need for finding a toilet. At this moment still only usable in the Netherlands. But with more data this concept is easily expandable to other countries, if the quality of data is high enough.
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